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Communication: Your Key to Success E-mail Etiquette I'm so thrilled this month to announce some great news about two of our books in the ST Training Solutions Success Skills Series. I've just found out that E-mail Etiquette is being translated into Indonesian and Czechoslovakian, and also that Communication: Your Key to Success is being translated into Czechoslovakian. How fabulous is that! Alison and I are delighted to know that our books will be read and enjoyed by people in these countries.

Also recently, people passing through Changi Airport in Singapore could see all the Success Skills Series books featured at the Times Newslink bookstores at the airport. Success Skills books are reaching a much wider market these days, and that's great to hear! The Success Skills books are also now available in the UK as well as in Australia. We really are getting round the world!

Don't forget to check out your bookstores too for the brand new books in the Success Skills Series: Nishant Kasibhathla's Maximise your Memory Power and Pang Li Kin's Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success. Both these new books are packed with essential tools and strategies that will make you more effective and successful. Visit our online store now.

All the best for April, and keep shaping the star in YOU!


Six Keys to Unlock the Door to Success

Pamela Wigglesworth One of our speakers at ASSAP® 2010 is Pamela Wigglesworth, who is speaking on Personal Excellence in the Workplace. In this article, Pamela looks at the six keys that could unlock the door to success for you.

The one thing that most people have in common is the desire to become successful. However not all people achieve this because they forget one essential component - a strategy for becoming successful. All successful people would agree a vision of the future is vital. Personal excellence is part of this plan.

The word excellence is defined as the quality of excelling, possessing good qualities in high degree. It's about developing a winning mindset that says "I want to be great at what I do. I want my work and my personal life to be successful."

Developing personal excellence in the workplace is a deliberate process and takes time, yet it can be developed by using some essential tools and techniques, and by creating a personal strategy for success.

Read more here and learn Pamela's advice about the six key steps that can put you on the path to workplace excellence.

ASSAP® 2010

ASSAP® 2010 I'm really looking forward to 20 April - it's our big event of the year, ASSAP® 2010 at the Marina Mandarin Hotel. It's always a really exciting day, and this year will be no exception, especially with every participant (and speaker) receiving a free gift worth S$200 from one of our fabulous sponsors!

We have a fabulous programme lined up for you, as usual, with 8 international presenters at the main event on 20 April, plus these 3 one-day workshops on 21-23 April:

- Personal Excellence in the Workplace with Pamela Wigglesworth
Essential Tools and techniques to boost your efficiency and gain the professional edge

- Think Smart, Work Smarter with Tremaine Du Preez
Essential problem-solving and decision-making tools to help you think independently and make smart choices

- Time and Stress Management with Jacinta Noonan
Practical tools to increase effectiveness and work at your best without getting stressed in the process
First-class speakers! Five-star venue! Electric atmosphere! Enriching topics! SIMPLY THE BEST! See it and believe it!

Find out more about ASSAP® 2010 here, and sign up soon.

Myth Buster
from Maximise your Memory Power

Myth Buster from Maximise your Memory Power

Closing words
Shamee, Shirley, Aisha and Maideen

Shamee, Shirley, Aisha and Maideen look forward to welcoming you to ASSAP® 2010 on 20-23 April - see you at the Marina Mandarin Hotel for the event of the year!

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to family, friends, colleagues and clients. If you received this e-mail from a friend, subscribe here.

In the News

Speak Up!

I'm very proud to be a Board Member of Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore (APSS), and I always look forward to our annual convention. This year it will be held on Saturday 8 May at the Amara Hotel, Singapore.

In this unique one-day event, 11 top international presenters - including Singapore's own multi-millionaire Adam Khoo - will share with you the secrets of their speaking success. They will give stimulating presentations and share lots of motivating tips and techniques that you will want to start using immediately. You are guaranteed to take away a load of useful ideas that you can start using immediately in your own life.

If you give presentations in your job, whether you have to speak to a few people or hundreds, this is the event for you! Whether you are an experienced speaker or an aspiring speaker, don't miss this powerful one-day event. It will be a great learning and networking opportunity.

I'll be there. Will you? Learn more now and register early to enjoy early bird prices.

ST Success Tips

Success Tip from
Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success

Having a good image is not about having good looks; it is about reflecting your best qualities through your appearance, communication and behaviour.

Success Tip from
Maximise your Memory Power

If you spend a few minutes every day improving your concentration, visualisation and creativity, you will automatically see an improvement in your memory.

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Quote of the Month
from Professional Image: Your Roadmap to Success
by Pang Li Kin

“It's beauty that captures your attention, but it's personality that captures your heart.”

ST Training Solutions

Events Coming Soon

Business Etiquette Essentials with Tina Altieri

We always look forward to ASSAP®, the Asian Summit for Secretaries and Admin Professionals. This year it's being held on 20 April, so if you want to see what's in store for you, why not check out the photo gallery from last year. You can also see the DVD of highlights from last year's conference here. Of course ASSAP is different every year, with 8 top international speakers presenting tips on topics relevant to today's workforce. This year's programme is as strong as ever, and we know you will thoroughly enjoy the whole exciting event.

Click on these links to see more about ASSAP® on 20 April, plus the special workshops on 21, 22 and 23 April:

Day One - One-day conference
Tuesday 20 April 2010
8.45am to 5.15pm

Day 2 - Workshop A
Wednesday 21 April 2010
9.00am to 5.00pm
Personal Excellence in the Workplace
with Pamela Wigglesworth

Day 3 - Workshop B
Thursday 22 April 2010
9.00am to 5.00pm
Think Smart, Work Smarter
with Tremaine Du Preez

Day 4 - Workshop C
Friday 23 April 2010
9.00am to 5.00pm
Time and Stress Management
with Jacinta Noonan

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